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Joint Child Custody Between Parent and Grandparent – What Now?

May 13th, 2022

There are many reasons why a court system may decide that joint child custody between parent and grandparent is the most suitable method for the children involved. Often though, many people wonder how the best way to work this situation out, may be. If you have found yourself in a similar situation sharing custody and would like some ideas of how to proceed, these tips may help.

If one of the reasons joint child custody between parent and grandparent was awarded was due to a chemical or alcohol dependency, it may be an easier transition if the grandparent moves into the children’s home. Although this arrangement may work well to keep the stability of the children’s environment, all things need to be discussed so the grandparent will not feel as if they have the same rights and privileges as the parent. This living arrangement can be good if the parent needs to go to meetings or rehab in the evening hen children need to go to bed. The children will not have to leave their school or their friends and may have a better time adjusting to the new situation.

If the joint custody between parent and grandparent was established due to a financial issue with the parent no longer being able to afford a home or pay the bills due to a divorce, moving into a grandparents house may be a more suitable decision providing the home is still nearby the grandchildren’s school and friends.

There are many situations and scenarios that could play out when working out the best joint child custody between parent and grandparent agreement. The main concern is the health and welfare of the grandchildren involved. Ensuring that their physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and spiritual well-being are well looked after is the main goal in this type of arrangement. If there is a conflict between the parent and grandparent, they must learn to keep their discussions away from the grandchildren so as not to cause any more confusion or emotional distress. Both parent and grandparent must work together to ensure that everything works out for the best care possible for the children. If the parent and grandparent are unable to live together under one roof to share in the day to day raising of the grandchildren, then another arrangement will have to be made.

If the parent and grandparent live within a short distance of each other, a split living arrangement with bedrooms for the grandchildren at both places of residence. This can work with the children staying at the grandparents a few days out of the week, and then with their parent the rest of the time, or a similar arrangement. This type of situation can often get mired when you take into account the other parents participation and visitation rights. Joint child custody between parent and grandparents will work if both side learn to give a little.

And as a grandparent please keep your grandchildren’s best interest in mind. I hope that you are one of those